Lot A5

Iron ore

Ground Geophysical Survey of high Fe Content locations

Study Areas: Tajimi (Kogi), Libeli (Niger), Kambala (Bauchi)

  • Generation of geoscientific data on iron ore prospects through detailed green and brown field exploration.
  • Reduction of uncertainty and provides opportunities for investors to participate in the development of these prospects.
  • Creation of opportunity for direct investment into the Nigerian iron and steel industry.

Scope of work

  • Desktop study of available information on Nigerian iron ore occurrences/deposits especially within the five (5) iron ore blocks
  • Spectral geological studies on the five (5) iron ore blocks
  • Procurement, processing and interpretation of existing airborne magnetic and radiometric data acquired over the five (5) iron ore blocks to determine prospective areas
  • Ground Thruthing of indicated areas
  • Detailed geological mapping, pitting, trenching
  • Acquisition and interpretation of ground EM data on identified target areas
  • Core drilling
  • viii.Laboratory analysis
  • Collation, Integration and Interpretation of acquired data
  • Report writing and Peer review of reports.


Three broad iron ore formations were also identified based on mode of occurrences:
  • Banded Iron Formations (BIF) with hematite, magnetite/maghemite: found at Tajimi, Itakpe, Ajabanoko, Chokochoko, Toto Muro, Farin Ruwa, Birnin Gwari, Maru, amongst others.
  • Cretaceous sedimentary (oolitic) iron deposits: occur at Agbaja, Koton Karfe and Okofi of Kogi State, Nsude of Enugu State, Lamba of Bauchi State, and Gidan Buzu of Yobe State; etc.
  • Magmatic (Igneous) iron ore deposits found in Gyaza, Katsina State, Kambala and Yola Nora in Bauchi State.

Spectral Geology and interpreted Airborne Magnetic Survey Data indicated the occurrence of 35 iron ore resource targets in the assigned 5 blocks.

Ground Truthing:
  • Only twenty-eight (28) recommended targets areas were traversed
  • Surface and subsurface samples were collected and analyzed
  • Eleven iron ore prospects were selected for detailed investigation (Ground Geophysics, Detailed Geological Mapping, Lab Tests)
  • Block 1 – 2 (Damaga, Dogon Daji)
  • Block 2 – 1 (Jaruwa)**Libele-Nasko (added as new find)  
  • Block 3 – 3 (Kambala, Gangaren Mata and Waka  
  • Block 4 – 2 (Tajimi, Adogo)**Ajovo (added as new find)
  • Block 5 – 3 (Enale-Ankpa, Akpanya & Ogbozala) 
  • The selection was based on Fe content and size of the iron ore resource
  • +30%Fe content was considered as threshold for selection of area for detailed for investigation

Detailed mapping (1:5,000) of 11 target areas recommended Ground Geophysical Survey (Magnetic and VLF-EM) on 7 Areas due to their good Fe content and size of the occurrences (Adogo , Ajovo. Enale, Kakun and Tajimi in Kogi State; Libeli area in Niger State and Kambala area in Bauchi State):

  • Laboratory results and size of occurrence have so far established Tajimi (Kogi State) and Libeli Niger State) to be highly prospective
  • Tajimi Iron Ore Resource – 1400mX400 delineated containing Magnetite and Hematite as chief minerals grading 58.4%Fe2O3, 40.5% SiO2, 0.08%P2O5
  • Libele-Nasko Iron Ore Resource – 5000mX80m grading 44.4%Fe2O3, 1.0%P2O5, 11.1%MnO

Ground Geophysical Survey on 7  iron ore target areas recommended drilling of exploratory core holes

Name Proposed BH Drilled BH Depth (m)
Tajimi 20 12 50m
Gidan Buzu 11 11 50m
Libale-Nasko 32 8 50m
Kambala 5 3 40m
Kakun 3 50m
Enale-Ankpa 3 50m
Ajovo 3 50m