The following companies have been engaged to carry out work on the project after competitive bidding.

Lot A1

Au (Vein Type) & PGM, Ni_Cr_Co

Incorporated in 2016, AGVM was founded by bringing together an established professional Nigerian EPCM organization, and a world leading Australian geological, geophysical and geospatial company. Our team of Geoscientists, Exploration geologists, Production and Mine Engineers & Corporate Finance Executives boast extensive experience in the development and management of complex projects of all sizes from conception through planning, design and implementation, to final interpretation, reporting and analysis.

Our areas of expertise encompass Geological services / Geophysical surveying / Geochemical Sampling and Analysis / Environmental Assessment / Drilling Campaigns/ Mine Design / Production / Financing/ Logistics/ Environmental and Community Management.

Lot A2

Rare Metals

RAPIDLINK RESOURCES LIMITED is an Construction, Oil & Energy, Exploration & Mining company based out of Nigeria with offices in various parts of the world. Its a subsidiary of Rapidlink Group of Companies.

Lot A3

Base metals (Pb, Ag, Zn)

Lot A4


MECON Geology and Engineering Services Ltd, known for short as MECON Services Ltd. is a growing Nigerian indigenous consultancy company. Registered in 1977, is a firm of exploration geologists, water resources development engineers and hydrogeologists, geotechnical engineers and experienced drillers in the Geology and Mining Sector of the economy.

Since our inception, we have worked hard to acquire the necessary experience and technology to serve better the developmental needs of the country.

Lot A5

Iron ore

National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency is a parastatal of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Developed. It has been in existence since 1971 as the then Exploration and Mining Division of the defunct Nigerian Steel Development Authority and became a corporate body in 1992 through the enactment of Decree 49 of 1992 with the mandate of exploring for iron and steel raw materials in all parts of Nigeria and else where for the iron and steel industry; establishing and executing a steel raw materials base including mineral resources mangement, monitoring, resource utilization studies and inventory in relation to iron and steel industry; ascertaining the quality and quantity of steel raw materials including their suitability for their respective industrial use in the iron and steel industry; carrying out detailed geological, geophysical and geochemical mapping including analytical and laboratory works, cadastral surveys, photo-geological and other interpretations, core drilling and well logging, geostatstics mineral reserves calculations, estimations and evaluation as may be required for the exploration of steel raw materials; and to carry out hydro-geological investigations including geophysical studies for water drilling and development, bailing and pumping tests, amongst others.

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